Value Heroics: Kyle Vanderzanden and Tim Franklin – Value Heroes Who Proved that Leaning In to Transformation Pays Dividends

Value Heroes: Kyle Vanderzanden and Tim Franklin
Nominated by: Josh Lankford

Ten days after first being introduced to a new process and capability for discussing value with their customers, Tim and Kyle leaned into their new processes and tools and used the approach to reshape their engagement at a very significant prospect.

As a result of engaging in a business value discussion early in a sales cycle – as opposed to a feature/function discussion – they were able to gain their champion’s trust and they also identified additional areas of value that they could offer to their prospect.

By embracing a value-based selling approach and utilizing the ValueCloud to generate value-based assets, Tim and Kyle were able to have a very positive impact on the opportunity and they’ve been able to gain access to additional areas of opportunity as a result.

All of this occurred before Kyle had even completed his training! Tim and Kyle’s commitment to learn and embrace a value selling approach has led to early benefits in this engagement.


Throughout the summer, DecisionLink is honoring the Value Heroes of organizations as a part of “Value Heroes: A Summer of Recognition.” We are sharing Value Hero stories on our blog of leading influencers in value management, which were submitted by the value heroes themselves or by the sales professionals that they have supported. Our celebration of Value Heroes concludes on August 13 with our “Value Heroes Summit,” a town hall, a virtual forum where value and sales professionals can connect, share stories and best practices, and engage with like-minded professionals. Share your stories and join the conversation!


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