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Amplify conversions with more compelling hypotheses.

Lay the foundation for lasting customer relationships with ValueCloud® Value Hypothesis Builder. Effortlessly scale and automate value in your organization and start seeing conversion rates climb. From sales leaders, sales teams, and marketers to business development reps—everyone can level up their conversation with Value Hypothesis Builder.

Cultivate leads with high precision value analysis.

Drive more impactful conversations.

The value you can deliver makes a great first impression. Value Hypothesis Builder makes it possible to communicate quantified value to prospects. Its user-friendly, self-service interface includes guided workflows that enable you to lead with value and pivot your sales strategy as needed.

With fast access to data-informed value within minutes, you have important opportunities to impact early funnel conversion rates.

Financial impact report

Your value hypothesis designed your way.

Delivering a branded experience at every touchpoint conveys a polish and professionalism prospects appreciate. Value Hypothesis Builder produces a fully personalized analysis showcased within your branding guidelines.

Calculations can include three-year ROI benefits, NPV metrics, cost of delays parameters, benefits, and an explanation of assumptions. You also have the flexibility to choose from infographics, PowerPoint slides, or Word documents to present and share your hypothesis.

Value benefits in numbers.
Value Hypothesis Builder boasts 10.5% or greater conversion rates—helping you drive conversions from MQL to SQL*.
Additional deals closed per year
Incremental revenue realized
Additional net income realized
  • Company: $.5B/year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline from net new business: 30%
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • SiriusDecisions inquiry to MQL conversion rate used
  • Value calculator improvement factored in from prior stage
These results reflect early-stage impact. ValueCloud also affects discounting, deal velocity, opportunity size and win rate. Together, these factors create an even greater impact.

The results were stunning. What had previously taken around 8 hours and only delivered 90% of what was needed, with ValueCloud®, we were able to go from the first point of entry to a credible asset in 45 minutes.

Regional VP of Solution Sales


A powerful presentation that builds trust.

Value Hypothesis Builder is an essential tool for promoting value selling and pricing within your organization. Your teams will leapfrog your competitors by leading with value metrics. And the financial advantages are compelling — less discounting, faster deal velocity, larger deal sizes. Combined, these results improve sales efficiencies and increase your top-line and bottom-line outcomes.


* Actual customer statistics from companies including CrowdStrike, Verint, DocuSign, and Planview. 
Explore our case studies to uncover more ways ValueCloud can improve sales effectiveness.

Organizations relying on manual calculations have limited scaling potential. With ValueCloud, companies can democratize value conversations to every rep and every deal, not just the most strategic. This expands the reach of value and improves revenue potential organization-wide.

See how ValueCloud® can deliver for you.

Take your customer value strategy to the next level and make value your key differentiator. Unlock a reliable solution with organization-wide impact.