Value Established. Renewal Achieved.

Empowering customer success teams with a Customer Value Management platform and the new Value Realization Bundle will help improve adoption rates, retention rates, cross-sell/upsell efforts, and ultimately ensure NRR and NDR overall.

This industry-first bundle helps customer success managers communicate, prove, and defend the economic impact your solutions deliver, day in and day out, in a fully quantified and automated way.

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The graphical outputs and reports the platform produces can be leveraged during implementation efforts to govern and ensure project success (Value Implementation Tracker) and during QBRs, renewal negotiations, and cross-sell/upsell efforts (Value Achievement Tracker) to add the extra level of credibility needed during these engagements. Additionally, Value Realization metrics can be used to automatically generate customer case studies (Case Study Builder) that the marketing team can use to promote in their demand generation efforts!  We are so serious about ensuring customer success through quantifiable and automated customer value insights, we are providing integration connectors to your Customer Success Management and CRM platform of choice (Value Integration APIs)!

This comprehensive and powerful new bundle is the only one of its kind in the market, and its capabilities put enormous credibility and leverage into the hands of the customer success manager and/or Chief Customer Officer.  And because this comprehensive solution set is integrated into the ValueCloud®, all of the customer value data is tied together to ensure there are no broken links in the customer value journey; from lead to expansion.

Value Realization Bundle Includes 6 ValueCloud® Products:


Monitors value delivered to demonstrate successful attainment of goals as part of renewal or expansion negotiations.


Value Professional Workbench

Helps your value professionals quickly build and refine your value models that you will be tracking value against.


Value Implementation Tracker

Ensures continuity in tracking so all key performance metrics outlined in the sales process are carried through to implementation.


Automates the creation of value-based case studies from successful deployments to turn customers into advocates.


Value Integration APIs

Facilitates seamless integration to third-party Customer Success platforms and CRM tools.


Value Intelligence Center

Delivers Machine Learning & AI analytics capabilities and insights to deliver GTM decision support on things like pricing, packaging, etc.

*Also includes access to the DecisionLink Value University and the Adoption Protocol.

The Value Realization Difference

The Value Realization Bundle is fully integrated with other ValueCloud® products, including the Value Hypothesis Builder and the Business Case Builder to create an end-to-end ValueThread™ from initial pitch to post-sale engagement. With value integrated at every step of the customer journey, you have the power to create a virtuous circle of customer value to build customers for life. 

The Value Realization Bundle helps you to:

  • Track Value Proactively monitors the value delivered to customers post-sale so customer success and marketing teams can use this information on renewal and up-sell conversations. 
  • Quantify Value With meaningful value measurements right at your fingertips, you can provide customers clear insights into tangible value to establish a common understanding of impact. 
  • Leverage Value Focus renewal conversations on value delivered to lock competitors out of existing accounts and minimize the need for discounting. Clear ROI simplifies negotiations. 

And the results are spectacular. Just look at the results that a $500M/year company had when they applied Value Realization to the mix, as one of many examples of success with the implementation of this bundle.


ValueCloud® customers who leverage the Value Realization Bundle experience lower churn and NRR rates between 120% - 130%.  Look at the profitable and positive impact that one of our valued customers has encountered:

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value realization image
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  • Company size: $500M per year in annual revenue, 30% Net Profit Margin, 195M Shares Outstanding
  • 70% of topline comes from renewal business 
  • Average Sale Price (ASP) $250K
  • Average Net Renewal Rates for ValueCloud users leveraging the Value Implementation Tracker: 120%

This result represents an impact to after-sale customer success activities. ValueCloud® affects other metrics in the sales cycle, including discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. When all metrics are combined, a top-line and bottom-line impact is created.

A Virtuous Cycle of Value with CrowdStrike

According to Profitwell, heavy discounting upfront in the sales cycles has negative effects downstream in terms of customer retention rates and expectations around renewal rates.

CrowdStrike recognized this phenomena early on and decided to drive an end-to-end Customer Value Management approach, including a Business Value Realization initiative.  They recognized that empowering both sales and customer success teams with automated customer value intelligence to support pre-and post-sale engagements would help them create a “virtuous cycle of value” and ultimately drive profitable growth.

CrowdStrike’s Business Value Realization program is a strategic initiative aimed at driving better customer retention, driving higher renewal rates through cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and providing customers with an unmatched experience that increases trust and brand loyalty.

3 Value Initiatives

to Impact the Bottom Line

CrowdStrike focused on three key initiatives to ensure value realization from the introduction of Business Value Assessments into its sales motion.

1. Business Value Automation

analysis icon

2. Business Value Empowerment

empowerment icon

3. Business Value Realization

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  • Customers appreciate having the value of their investment in CrowdStrike, which quantified in hard numbers that previously required great effort.
  • Sales and customer success managers can now easily create polished presentations of value realized through an efficient, automated process.
  • CrowdStrike can now proactively block competitive efforts to steal a contract because actual value realized is clearly defined and easily communicated.
  • The Business Value Realization program frames a vision for additional value. CrowdStrike can help customers capture that value through the adoption of new modules and capabilities that align with their customers’ business strategies.

“Customer lifetime value is going to be how CROs are being measured in the very near future. It’s not just about the initial sale anymore. It’s the “stickiness,” measured by the retention rate.” 

President of Global Sales and Field Operations, Crowdstrike 

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The Value Realization Bundle is part of ValueCloud®, a Secure, Enterprise-Grade, Self-Service Customer Value Management Platform

This revolutionary platform transforms customer value into an enterprise-wide strategic asset, and empowers everyone in a commercial role, including channel partners, to quickly and easily establish and communicate the economic impact of your SaaS-based solutions at any stage of the customer journey, including renewal time.

By making Customer Value Management an automated, easy-to-access tool, you can use post-sale interactions to reinforce value delivered and deepen relationships.

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Early Adopter Special Price:

Starting at just $3K per month


*This bundle is fully integrated with the other ValueCloud® products including Value Hypothesis Builder, and  Business Case Builder to create an end-to-end ValueThread™ that follows the customer value journey. Each sold separately.  

Business Case Builder

Smart Web Calculator

Value Management Engine

Value Hypothesis Builder

Case Study Builder

Value Achievement Tracker

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