ValueCloud® for Customer Success

Value Established. Renewal Achieved.

Empowering customer success teams with a Customer Value Management platform helps improve customer adoption rates, retention rates, cross-sell and upsell efforts, and increase Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

ValueCloud® enables customer success managers to proactively track, quantify, and communicate the economic impact of their solutions to a customer’s organization:

  • Ensure what was promised to a customer pre-sale is implemented post-sale
  • Track the amount of value delivered to customers against their original business case, helping to build more loyal customers, improving renewals, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Strengthen relationships with customers by demonstrating alignment with their strategic goals and quantifying your solution’s impact against their goals
  • Empower CSMs to have Quarterly Value Review conversations with their customers, communicating the value delivered to date and ensuring future plans are aligned with the company’s strategic goals and initiatives

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Value realization is the future of customer relationship management, and ValueCloud® is the only platform that places this powerful intelligence into the hands of customer success managers and Chief Customer Officers.

Why ValueCloud® for Value Realization?

ValueCloud®’s Value Realization capabilities are fully integrated into the customer journey, create an end-to-end thread of value, from initial pitch to post-sale engagement, renewal and beyond.


With value integrated at every step of the customer journey, you have the power to create a virtuous circle of customer value to build customers for life. DecisionLink is uniquely positioned to help you:

  • Track Value: Proactively monitor the value delivered to customers post-sale so customer success and marketing teams can use this information upon renewal and up-sell conversations.
  • Quantify Value: With meaningful value measurements at your fingertips, you can provide customers clear insights into quantified value to establish a mutual understanding and recognition of your solution’s impact.
  • Leverage Value: Focus renewal conversations on value delivered to lock competitors out of existing accounts and minimize the need for discounting. Clear ROI simplifies negotiations.

And the results are spectacular. Just look at the results that a $500M/year company had when they applied ValueCloud® for Realization to the mix.


ValueCloud® customers who leverage its’ Value Realization capabilities experience lower customer churn and NRR rates between 120-130%. Look at the profitable and positive impact that one of our valued customers has encountered:

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  • Company size: $500M per year in annual revenue, 30% Net Profit Margin, 195M Shares Outstanding
  • 70% of topline comes from renewal business 
  • Average Sale Price (ASP) $250K
  • Average Net Renewal Rates for ValueCloud users leveraging Value Realization capabilities: 120%

This result represents an impact on after-sale customer success activities. ValueCloud® affects other metrics in the sales cycle, including discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. When all metrics are combined, a top-line and bottom-line impact is created

A Virtuous Cycle of Value with CrowdStrike

According to Profitwell, heavy discounting upfront in the sales cycles has negative effects downstream in terms of customer retention rates and expectations around renewal rates.

CrowdStrike recognized this phenomena early on and decided to drive an end-to-end Customer Value Management approach, including a Business Value Realization initiative.  They recognized that empowering both sales and customer success teams with automated customer value intelligence to support pre-and post-sale engagements would help them create a “virtuous cycle of value” and ultimately drive profitable growth.

CrowdStrike’s Business Value Realization program is a strategic initiative aimed at driving better customer retention, driving higher renewal rates through cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and providing customers with an unmatched experience that increases trust and brand loyalty.

3 Value Initiatives

to Impact the Bottom Line

CrowdStrike focused on three key initiatives to ensure value realization from the introduction of Business Value Assessments into its sales motion.

1. Business Value Automation

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2. Business Value Empowerment

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3. Business Value Realization

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  • Customers appreciate having the value of their investment in CrowdStrike, which quantified in hard numbers that previously required great effort.
  • Sales and customer success managers can now easily create polished presentations of value realized through an efficient, automated process.
  • CrowdStrike can now proactively block competitive efforts to steal a contract because actual value realized is clearly defined and easily communicated.
  • The Business Value Realization program frames a vision for additional value. CrowdStrike can help customers capture that value through the adoption of new modules and capabilities that align with their customers’ business strategies.

“Customer lifetime value is going to be how CROs are being measured in the very near future. It’s not just about the initial sale anymore. It’s the “stickiness,” measured by the retention rate.” 

President of Global Sales and Field Operations, Crowdstrike 

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