DecisionLink Value University – A Foundation for Transformation

DecisionLink Value University is a complete curriculum to provide the foundation of Value Selling and Communicating Customer Value. These formal courses consist of videos, course materials, and assessments for validating knowledge mastery.

After completion of the curriculum, you will be equipped with the knowledge and the tools to take value selling to the next level for your organization. If you are interested to learn more about VALUE SELLING AUTOMATION and speak with us about DecisionLink Value University, please complete the form to the right.

15 Role-Specifc Modules


Sales, Pre-sales, Customer Success


Sales Management, Program Management


Value Engineers, Value Consultants

  • Hosted in an advanced learning management system
  • Full Complement of test, surveys, supporting collateral
  • Management dashboards and reports


Introducing Value Selling for Salespeople

Overview of Business Value Selling

Being a Value Cloud Manager

Advanced Value Cloud Features

The Language of Value Selling

Presenting Business Value Content

Understanding the ValueCloud® Interface

Using Value Selling Automation

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