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Strong relationships start with value and last a lifetime.

Empower your customer success team with a best-in-class Customer Value Management, ValueCloud®. Help them succeed with our platform by providing the ability to proactively track, validate, quantify, and communicate the value your solutions have delivered. Facilitate effective cross- and up-sell efforts. Increase net revenue retention (NRR).

  • Validate what was promised pre-sale has been implemented and realized
  • Track value delivered against the original business case to deepen loyalty and drive renewal
  • Strengthen relationships by aligning and quantifying results against customer goals
  • Inform Quarterly Value Review conversations with value delivered and align future efforts

Value realization is the future of customer relationship management. ValueCloud is the only platform that puts this powerful intelligence into the hands of front-line teams.

Value Realization powered by ValueCloud.

Fully integrate value realization across the entire customer journey. ValueCloud provides an end-to-end thread from initial pitch through post-sale engagement, renewal, and beyond. These are the core components for building customers for life:

  • Track Value:

    Proactively monitor value delivered to inform ongoing customer success and marketing activities. From customer engagement to up-sell, you’ll have the value insights you need.

  • Quantify Value: Provide customers clear insights into economic value delivered to ensure mutual understanding and recognition of your solution’s impact.

  • Leverage Value:

    Prevent competitors from penetrating existing accounts and eliminate discounting by deepening relationships with clear communication of value realized.

Realization results solidify relationships.

After adopting ValueCloud’s Value Realization capabilities, one of our customers, with $500M in annual revenue, experienced lower customer churn and NRR rates between 120-130%. Take a look at the profitability boost and the positive impact achieved.



  • Company size: $500M per year in annual revenue
  • Net Profit Margin: 30%
  • Shares Outstanding: 195M
  • Topline revenue: 70% comes from renewal business
  • Average Sale Price (ASP): $250K
  • Average Net Renewal Rates: 120%
These results impact after-sale customer success activities. ValueCloud Value Realization can also impact metrics such as discounting, deal acceleration, deal size, and conversion rate improvement. Combined they improve operational efficiencies and increase top-and bottom-line outcomes.

CrowdStrike turns value into a virtuous circle.

According to a study by Profitwell, heavy discounting early in the sales cycles negatively affects customer retention and renewal rates. CrowdStrike, a leading cybersecurity company, recognized this issue and used ValueCloud Value Realization capabilities to address it.

By equipping their sales and customer success teams with automated customer value insights for pre-and post-sale engagements, CrowdStrike created a virtuous circle of value that drives profitable growth. And with exceptional and unmatched customer experience, they increased customer trust and brand loyalty.


Business Value Automation


Business Value Empowerment


Business Value Realization


After integrating business value assessments into its sales process, CrowdStrike focused on using business value automation, empowerment, and realization to maximize returns.

Delivering bottom-line impact for CrowdStrike.

CrowdStrike sales and customer success managers were able to easily create polished value realization metrics for presentation. Their customers were able to see the benefits of clear quantification of financial returns. By implementing our Value Realization tools, CrowdStrike strengthened client relationships and knocked out competitors with clearly defined and communicated value.

Customer lifetime value is going to be how CROs are being measured in the very near future. It’s not just about the initial sale anymore. It’s the “stickiness,” measured by the retention rate.

President of Global Sales and Field Operations,


Bring value into every conversation.

Reach your target prospects with tools that communicate your value differentiators right from the outset. ValueCloud revolutionizes your marketing efforts and aligns them with better business outcomes. Boost website traffic. Grow brand awareness. Stimulate customer interest. With dynamic tools like web calculators, case studies, and engaging interactive tools you can exponentially increase interest and conversions. We’ll show you what maximizing your value realization looks like.