Tap into the ultimate differentiator: business value

In the already saturated network service providers (NSP) market, competition is fierce—and growing. To stand out from the crowd and win customers, focusing on features and functions is no longer enough. It’s time to change the conversation to focus on business value. 


5 Ways ValueCloud® Makes a Measurable Impact

5 reasons target

 Improve Top of Funnel Performance by 12.5% 

5 reasons laptop

 Experience 11-18% Reduction in Discounting Levels 

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 Improve Win Rates by 50-70% 

5 reasons customers

 Enjoy 96% Customer Retention Rates 

5 reasons revenue

 Realize 120-130% Net Recurring Revenue Rates

The market is heating up: What that means for NSPs

In today’s digital world, network service providers face a number of challenges to winning new business and hanging on to existing customers. Ever-increasing cloud adoption, accelerated by the global pandemic, is changing the landscape. Enterprises are looking to increase agility with managed services such as SD-WAN, and mixing underlay and overlay services to optimize performance. At the same time, the NPS market is growing more and more crowded, and downward pressure on prices is relentless. 

Enterprises are beginning to look beyond large global providers, which means smaller providers are now competing for the same business. Even managed service providers, which resell network services to enterprise clients with little or no network infrastructure of their own, are now operating in the same arena as the big names like AT&T, Verizon, and Vodaphone. This is good news if you’re a smaller provider—but still means increased competition across the board. 


According to the March 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Network Services, the enterprise data networking services market will reach a staggering $113B in 2021—an increase of roughly 3% from the year before.

  1 Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global,” March, 2021.

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Win business by delivering value

In order to not only keep up, but more importantly to stand out from the competition, providers need to offer customers and prospects more than ever before. Enterprise-grade features and functions are table stakes—they are no longer a differentiator. Reliability, security, flexibility, speed, and coverage are essential to staying in business. But they will not help you gain new customers. As the market continues to evolve, the key to success is to focus on outcomes and service levels. Continually discounting your prices only eats into profitability, and sets a bad precedent at renewal. Instead, start communicating real business value. The goal should be to flip the sales conversation from the very beginning and stay laser-focused on business value at every stage of the customer journey. 


The ultimate differentiation
comes from giving your people the ability to instantly establish and clearly communicate business value at every stage of the customer journey. This is what the ValueCloud® platform is purpose-built to do. 

New tools, new conversations, better results

The challenge for sales teams is that they’ve been talking about products and features for as long as they can remember. So have customers and prospects, who may keep trying to steer the conversation back to what they know. To change the way your salespeople approach prospects and customers, you need to give them new tools. Connect features to benefits, and benefits to business value. And make it all simple, clear, and quantifiable, so your entire sales team is empowered with next-level knowledge in every interaction. That’s exactly what the ValueCloud® platform does. 

> Customer Success

Planview needed a way to clearly communicate the value their software solutions deliver beyond efficiency gains. Selling to billion-dollar businesses with sales offices all over the world, the company also needed a single source of truth to maintain business case consistency and enable easy scaling of their value management program across the organization.

> ValueCloud® Outcomes:

  • 16% increase in ASP enterprise deals
  • 96% increase in ASP strategic deals
  • 10% total reduction in discounting rate to date
  • $57M realized through ValueCloud® business value assessments
ValueCloud for NSPs

ValueCloud® is the world’s first and only enterprise-class, SOC 2/Type II compliant, self-service Customer Value Management platform. Turn customer value into a strategic asset by helping everyone on your team graduate from features and functions speak to a meaningful discussion of actual business value. Infuse value into every touchpoint—from marketing content and web engagement to sales pitches and after-sales support. Making sure your company stands out by delivering bottom-line impact is the only way to ensure sustainable and profitable growth. Consistently delivering that message is key

ValueCloud® is a turnkey value management platform, with everything you need to transform your sales motions—and your results. We provide implementation services, training, value modeling support, design services, and anything else you need. Get up and running in 90 days or less, guaranteed. 

“Our old way of working resulted in outdated models and a lack of features and benefits as Confluent released new offerings. It was costly and took too long to make simple changes. ValueCloud® allows us to make changes and enhancements quicker so we can keep up with the speed of our business.”

Matt Denton
Sr. Director of Value Management, Confluent

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Why choose ValueCloud®?

Proven results.

In just three years, ValueCloud® has delivered more than 70,000 business value assessments (BVAs) and business cases directly into the hands of marketers, salespeople, and customer success professionals, helping them quickly and easily establish and communicate business value at every step. We have helped global leaders in high tech, fintech, security, martech, and industrial automation achieve more wins with less discounting, consistently increase deal size, and accelerate closure. It all adds up to profitability and growth. 

Why Now?

It’s time to cash in on your potential. Take a look at what our ValueCloud® can help you generate, based on our calculations for a company of similar size and scope. Your potential is bigger than all of these other examples combined, according to our value analysis of your company. Let’s find out if DecisionLink and ValueCloud® can help empower your organization to be the ultimate differentiator in the market.


sales team realized $189M in net new revenue and its customer success group drove $40M  in renewal “saves,” as well as $11M in cross-sales and up-sells

DocuSign improved its win rate by 73% with ValueCloud®

reduced discounting by 17% and slashed the time to create business cases from 8 hours to just 45 minutes

reduced discounting by 10%, doubled its average deal size, and realized $57M in net new revenue using ValueCloud® business value assessments

The Impact of Value












$3 Mo



Value Impact Sales

3 years — $110M 

5% Close Rate Improvement 

2 week faster sales cycle 

10% decrease discounting 

3% improvement in MQL to SQL conversion 



3 Years — $28M 

5% Decrease Customer Churn 

7.5% Increase Value of Renewal Revenue 

These numbers are based on: 300 salespeople | 2500 subscription customers.

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