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Closing deals with speed, simplicity, and scale—powered by value.

Generic sales pitches don’t make good impressions. Specificity does. Customers respond to business cases that speak to their pain points and focus on strategic outcomes. By working collaboratively with your customer to refine assumptions and adjust value hypothesis, you stand far apart from the competition.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® gives you greater value selling agility. Create, edit, and present cases to prospects with ease, you never have to worry about missing out on opportunities. ValueCloud gives your entire team data-backed confidence deal after deal, no matter the size of the deal.

From hypothesis to business plan

Your value propositions are only as good as your ability to deliver. If your goal is to become a trusted advisor, value realization matters. The more refined and precise the business case you present, the more achievable it is.

Of course, your hypotheses are projections, but when they’re backed by reliable, real-world data, you stand out. Plus, as you engage more with clients, you can use ValueCloud to improve metrics to align with the expected value achieved. 


Quick conversions. Big wins.

Product features and functionality don’t sell. Value does. Organizations want to know how a new solution can impact their bottom line and their operations. The ValueCloud library of resources includes business case and value hypothesis builders, smart web calculators, and value realization trackers—that's everything you need to share your value impact quickly and easily. Empower your sales teams to focus on your client’s strategic goals. And build customers for life.

The ongoing impact of value.

Value is important at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Whether you’re talking to a new buyer or a long-term customer, tangible ROI is essential for justifying spend. That’s where ValueCloud makes all the difference. Help your customers effortlessly validate solution adoption. And by tracking, delivering, and communicating value at every touchpoint, you can boost renewals.


ValueCloud has features for the entire team:

  • Support your customer success with the power of Value Realization
  • Leverage features such as a Smart Web Calculator as a top-of-funnel marketing tool that propels engagement and conversions.

In our first month of having [ValueCloud] live, we closed a deal using value proposition. It was a substantial deal, one of our top ten deals for that year. The sales leaders were pretty thrilled about the opportunities it presented for them and how they could leverage it to execute and achieve client goals.

Regional Vice President of Solution Sales,


Bring value into every conversation.

Reach your target prospects with tools that communicate your value differentiators right from the outset. ValueCloud revolutionizes your marketing efforts and aligns them with better business outcomes. Boost website traffic. Grow brand awareness. Stimulate customer interest. With dynamic tools like web calculators, case studies, and engaging interactive tools you can exponentially increase interest and conversions. We’ll show you what maximizing your value realization looks like.