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Turn Value Metrics into Currency with ValueCloud

Show prospects exactly what they have to gain by investing in your products. ValueCloud is a value enablement platform that helps sales and success teams build trust and drive revenue throughout the customer lifecycle.


How It Works


Build a value hypothesis

Calculate the value and business outcomes you can deliver for pros-pects for a powerful start to sales conversations. 

Win with unique insights

Share custom, value-focused assets that build trust with decision-makers and help you close enterprise deals faster.

Track KPIs over time

Measure the value you deliver throughout the customer lifecycle, enabling better support and driving additional revenue.

Product Overview

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Value Engine

DecisionLink's powerful value engine is at the heart of our technology. It combines industry and company datasets with proprietary models so that you can build accurate, dynamic value analysis for prospects and customers. 

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Automated Value Selling

Ensure your sales process is followed as designed, with guided discovery frameworks that suggest which products to pitch and the flexibility to support and reinforce any sales methodology that you use. Seamless integration with Salesforce and other leading CRMs ensures you can inspect what you expect from your sellers.
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Customized Branded Assets

Put the right content at your team's fingertips at the right time. Build a value hypothesis, full business cases, pitch decks and more customized to each account's unique needs. Ensure every customer-facing asset is on message and on brand. 
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Value Realization

Ensure promises made pre-sale are delivered upon post-sale. Arm customer success teams with the ability to track what was promised with what customers achieved. Capture and leverage proof points, identify new revenue opportunities, and build measurable long-term success with customers.
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Interactive Value Calculator

Bring value-based conversations even earlier in the buyer journey with a web-based calculator. With a simple line of embed code, prospects can explore their needs while you dynamically present the advantages and benefits of your product.
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Built for Secure, Scalable Workflows

ValueCloud's world-class infrastructure, data encryption, and SOC 2 Type II security controls let you scale without the stress. Benchmark your value models against industry standards with premium data sources, support global teams with localizations for documents and numerical formats, and easily update your value models as your go-to-market motions evolve over time.

Integrations that Infuse Every Process with Value

DecisionLink's API integrate with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRMs to support the entire customer journey with value conversations. Connect marketing automation platforms, analytics, and workflow tools for an end-to-end picture of interactions and outcomes.
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See how your Team can use DecisionLink to Enable Value at Every Step.

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Value Enablement is a
Team Sport

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For Marketers

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For Sales Teams

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For Customers Success