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Creating a Customer-First Culture: It's a Sales Team Sport

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Webinar length: 45 minutes

• Key elements of a customer-first culture
• A 7-step framework to achieve it
• Sales techniques in need of an upskill

Webinar Summary:

Does your sales team know their North Star when it comes to creating and sustaining a customer-first culture? This awareness is more important than ever as buyer groups expand, and executives hear more and more sales pitches each day.

Sellers and sales enablement leaders, listen up! You need to break through the noise by making sure that you can quickly and clearly demonstrate how your solutions align with your customers’ goals & strategies. If you can illustrate the short- and long-term financial benefits of your solution, tailored to your customers’ needs, you’re more than halfway there.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:
• Key elements of a customer-first culture
• A 7-step framework to achieve it
• Sales techniques in need of an upskill

Webinar Guests


Dr. Stephen Timme

President & Founder @FinListics Solutions

Dr. Timme is the founder and president of FinListics Solutions. Over the past two decades, FinListics has helped dozens of companies and thousands of sales professionals better serve their clients by boosting their knowledge of finance and relevant metrics and how their solutions relate to business goals and challenges.


Gordon Galzerano

Former Director of Sales & Leadership Development @Cisco

Before starting Timberwilde Consulting Group, Gordon held leadership roles responsible for building, leading, and scaling Cisco's Next-Generation Sales and Leadership programs to audiences worldwide. Gordon's vision and leadership helped shape the sales organization's approach to enablement in support of 20,000 sellers and sales managers globally. He has held various sales and operations leadership positions across business segments throughout his tenure at Cisco, including Enterprise, Service Provider, Commercial, and the Global Partner organization.

Mark Ebert

SVP of Global Sales @6sense

Mark is the SVP of Sales and a passionate veteran of the SaaS Enterprise Sales, MarTech, and AdTech space with over 17 years of experience helping businesses leverage technology to achieve real, measurable results. Prior to joining 6sense, he spent 6 years with Responsys and later the Oracle Marketing Cloud working in their Enterprise division in both Sales and Sales leadership capacities.

Steve Durkee

Sr. Director of Sales @DecisionLink

Steve is the Senior Director of Sales at DecisionLink. Over the past 30 years he has helped senior leaders deploy enterprise technology to improve sales productivity and grow revenue in a meaningful way. He is known for staying around long after a sale is made to ensure promises are delivered in the sales process.

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