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Drive Value. Further.

DecisionLink is a value enablement platform that empowers companies to define, quantify, and validate business outcomes at scale. From day one, draw a straight line from your value proposition to revenue for your customers.
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The Infinite Power of ValueCloud.

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Stand out by giving prospects immediate perspective into the value potential. By making early engagement value-driven, you have the power to shape the conversation from the get-go. Plus, value-based communications strengthen lead qualification.


ValueCloud makes it easy to focus on conversations on what's important to your prospect and up-level metrics to demonstrate broader business impact.


Adjust and refine original value hypotheses and business cases with regular value check-ins using our value achievement tracker. When you demonstrate the value delivered preemptively, you fast-track renewals and increase expansion.


Engage more meaningfully. Avoid surface-level and false promises with our data-backed value hypothesis builder. Let value do the selling instead of relying on features and functions.

The DecisionLink platform lets you use value selling to deliver measurable results. Build a strong business case for your products, show prospects how you’ll deliver ROI, and track business outcomes throughout the customer journey for a scalable approach to sales and support.

How It Works


Build a value hypothesis

Calculate the value and business outcomes you can deliver for pros-pects for a powerful start to sales conversations. 

Win with unique insights

Share custom, value-focused assets that build trust with decision-makers and help you close enterprise deals faster.

Track KPIs over time

Measure the value you deliver throughout the customer lifecycle, enabling better support and driving additional revenue.


Connect The Data and Tools That Power Your Business

DecisionLink’s APIs integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics for full visibility into the customer journey. Connect marketing automation, analytics, and workflow tools for an end-to-end picture of interactions and outcomes. 
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Customer Success Stories

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"We chose the right tool, but it’s not just the tool, we chose the right partner. DecisionLink has been a fantastic partner, willing to innovate with us, very attuned to our needs, and with a great vision for where they want to take this product and capability."
Ran Haimoff Head of Customer Value Management
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"When we were selling with value, we were seeing close rates in the high forties to low fifties percent. And the impact of discounting was even better news in my opinion. The discount rate was down by 17% compared to the norm. That’s a big deal."
Trent Isaacs Regional Vice President
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"Customer Value Management is the cornerstone of CrowdStrike’s engagement with our prospects and customers. We believe great customer engagements start with our ability to establish and communicate our value proposition, and ValueCloud has enabled us to do so at scale and has helped us to establish customers for life."
George Kurtz President, CEO and Co-Founder
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"When we close a deal, we’ve already put in all the work through product development, marketing, and so on—and those costs are fixed. We’re not going to lower the cost of our offering. If we can use ValueCloud® to justify the business case and get a better price, that additional income goes directly to the bottom line."
Jeff Bolke Former Executive Vice President of Sales
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“Our prospects and customers need a way to articulate the business value we deliver when our sales teams aren’t in the room, and our sellers have been hungry for a way to deliver that to them at scale. ValueCloud lets them co-create the business value story and enables our champions to confidently make their case our for solution. ValueCloud has influenced over 15% of FY23 new ARR YTD, supporting both new business and expansion opportunities. Reps using ValueCloud are closing larger deals, faster.”
Jarod Greene Vice President of Product Marketing
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The Value of Our Product Speaks for Itself

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Win Rate Improvement

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Increase in ASP

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Reduction in Discounting

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Shorter Deal Cycle

Enterprise-Grade Security And the Infrastructure

DecisionLink was made to scale enterprise growth, with robust infrastructure and built-in security controls that keep your data safe. 
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From First Call To Fast Renewal

DecisionLink was made to scale enterprise growth, with robust infrastructure and built-in security controls that keep your data safe.

Don’t sell the product. Sell the outcome.

Accelerate enterprise deals, maximize contract value, and get reps to quota every quarter. Sales teams use ValueCloud to quantify business outcomes and confidently address their prospects’ biggest challenges.
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Capture qualified leads and accelerate pipeline.

Elevate marketing outcomes by focusing on value. Uphold your brand messaging, attract better leads, customize assets using real customer data, and facilitate a seamless handoff to sales with ValueCloud.


Drive customer loyalty and NRR.

Track progress against expected business outcomes, hold quarterly value reviews, and increase upsells and cross-sells. With ValueCloud, ensure customers can draw a straight line from their investment to the outcomes they’ve achieved.


Value enablement across industries

DecisionLink empowers companies across verticals to connect value assessments to value realization.

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IT & Software

Close deals faster and maximize NRR with an enterprise-wide focus on value

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Differentiate your risk mitigation impact with customer value management.

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Improve how you sell as-a-Service offerings with ROI and TCO.

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Help sales teams shift from selling products to business outcomes.

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Stand out in the complex FinTech market by articulating your unique value.

DecisionLink offers world-class software to scale value management for the world’s most cutting edge companies.

See how a value enablement platform can transform your growth strategy.

Awards & Recognition

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