Value Management for the


Good sales leaders know the impact of Value Selling.

Great ones scale it.

If you’re asking yourself “how can I empower everyone on my team and SCALE value-based engagement, to unlock consistent and sustainable performance”?

The answer is ValueCloud®


Everybody knows the impact of value; forward-looking sales leaders count on ValueCloud®️ to scale it and create a powerhouse team.


Customer value is the missing link and next logical evolution in Customer Relationship Management because true customer relationships are entirely dependent on Value. Yet there’s nothing in CRM or any business system that enables customer value management. Our belief is that any business looking to shift to higher value/higher margin business models must manage customer value as a strategic asset to ensure competitive differentiation, elevate conversations, achieve trusted advisor status, and ultimately accelerate business results.

To address this missing link, we built the ValueCloud®, the world’s first enterprise-class platform and set of applications for Customer Value Management (CVM).

Good Way

Legacy Value Approach – spreadsheets and proposals done in isolation, home-grown apps and rudimentary calculators

  • Labor-intensive business case development
  • Expensive, slow, inconsistent in quality
  • Limited in scale, versatility, adoptability


Digital Value Platform – value is managed as an enterprise-class strategic asset and enabled at the scale and speed of digital.

  • Powerful automation for business case development
  • Inexpensive, fast, consistent with high quality
  • Expansive in scale, versatility, adoptability

The Long Tail of Sales


Legacy methods like spreadsheets, home-grown apps and labor-intensive business case development has only fueled the 80/20 rule further, i.e. 80% of your business coming from 20% of reps or the “Sales Longtail” as we call it.


Value Selling and true differentiation require the marriage of qualitative messaging with quantitative results. Unfortunately, buyers say sellers are good at this about 20% of the time.*



Close Rate Improvement


73% Win Rate Improvement

Minutes not days to put value hypotheses in reps' hands.


Value Achievement Tracking  & Automated Case Studies


45% Deal Velocity Acceleration

27% Close Rate Improvement



lower discount


Who else is empowered by the ValueCloud®?

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® uniquely delivers Customer Value Management at SCALE empowering sales, marketing & customer success teams with the POSITIONING, MESSAGING, and PROOF they need to win in this highly competitive, socially distanced, digitally connected economy.   

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® - helps you efficiently and effectively produce & deliver a value proposition, business case or other output to ensure your sales teams are enabled with winning proposals.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® - helps you differentiate your value propositions, win business, reduce discounts and accelerate your deals by talking value versus price.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® - helps you quantify the economic impact of your solution(s) and develop value-based pricing and messaging that is effective.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® - helps Customer Success Pros quickly identify and ensure value expectations promised in sales cycles, to ensure customer satisfaction and guaranteed renewals.

DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® - helps you capture value, to build fact-based messaging and automate value-based case study development.

Living & Working in the New Normal - #Covid19

How DecisionLink is Helping the Community and Businesses

Helping the Community: To support our community during this time of health and economic crisis-DecisionLink has pledged 2.5% of revenue over the next 120 days to Atlanta-based nonprofits, including Good Samaritan Health Center and Desire Street Ministries to support their work serving the city’s poor and homeless affected by COVID-19. The company’s founders, management, employees, directors, and shareholders have pledged to augment this donation by doubling the company’s total contribution amount. In this time of uncertainty, we seek to follow Jesus’ words when He said, “I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me.”  

Helping Businesses: The effects and response to COVID-19 are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime, as a result we are witnessing a NEW NORMAL emerge in terms of how we work and engage with our customers. Today, a digitally enabled Value Management approach will be critical in supporting the NEW NORMAL of sales, marketing and customer success. To help alleviate this pressure, DecisionLink has launched a program designed to facilitate an organization’s transition to Value Management -- The DecisionLink Guarantee.

The DecisionLink Guarantee pledges a complete reimbursement of first year subscription fees to new ValueCloud® subscribers if they do not achieve objective goals, a 35% credit of first year subscription fees to implementation and onboarding services and defers 50% of the initial order payment for 120 days.

To learn more, visit  The DecisionLink Guarantee or email

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