We wrote the book on Customer Value Management.

DecisionLink has long been at the forefront in Customer Value Management. Our exceptional solutions, ongoing innovations, and deep collaboration with our customers sets us apart. With ValueCloud® every company we work with has the power to unlock and maximize their value potential.


A Powerful Platform

ValueCloud is a first-of-its-kind enterprise-level platform purpose-built for Customer Value Management and revolutionizing the CVM market. Delivering a high-quality service is at the top of our list.


Transforming Custom Connections

We believe value should permeate all levels of an organization and every step of the customer lifecycle. ValueCloud scales to allow customers to drive market transformation through value-based engagements.

CVM Pioneers2

CVM Pioneers

Building on the exceptional and extensive experience of a team of early adopters in value-selling and SaaS technology, we developed a unified platform to optimize the customers' journey.

Our Mission:

Enable Customer Value Management at scale through ValueCloud and relentlessly drive market transformation towards value-based engagement.

A long-standing commitment.


Jim Berryhill

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John Porter

In 2011, seasoned sales executive Jim Berryhill and technology leader John Porter joined forces to create DecisionLink in Atlanta, Georgia. Building on his sales expertise earned at HP, Siebel Systems, and CA, Jim knew there had to be a way to bring value selling to more people. With John’s technical expertise working in product management and customer success, they created the world’s first enterprise-class CVM platform, ValueCloud. Their passion and know-how quickly catapulted DecisionLink to leadership status.

From its early days, the ValueCloud platform has helped organizations increase competitive differentiation, elevate value conversations, accelerate business results and achieve trusted advisor status. From CROs, to marketers, to sales teams, ValueCloud has an organization-wide impact. It boosts campaign conversions, close rates, renewals, and deal velocity. It also reduces customer churn while increasing opportunities for cross-sell, up-sell, and new business cases.

DecisionLink ValueCloud is the essential ingredient for boosting business potential and building stronger customer relationships.

We believe so much in the power and impact of what we do, we wrote a book about it.

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How our key differentiators drive value for you.

6 Key Differentiators

Key considerations for a critical investment.

Choosing the right value platform and SaaS partner is important to the success of your business. Helping you feel more confident is important to us. We’ve outlined some items we think will be important to you.

The ValueCloud was built upon the realization that when sales led with value in a sales cycle, deals were bigger, cycles were shorter and conversations were with the C-Suite. With over 1,000 years of combined value selling experience on our team and Board of Directors, our focus every day is to arm every seller with the ability to present value, regardless of their financial acumen. But why stop there? As the SaaS economy increased the importance of renewals, we realized how conversations around business outcomes were just as important in customer conversations - the genesys of value realization.

DecisionLink is committed to helping customers achieve meaningful results in less than 1 month. With DecisionLink Value University, a Value Certification program and enablement programs, our platform’s high adoption rate ensures you’ll be up and running fast, generating a powerful ROI on your investment, which means revenue for your business.

DecisionLink’s customers are on the bleeding edge of the customer value management space. Who better to partner with on our product roadmap than with our forward-thinking customers? We formed our Board of Advisors to pull together the sharpest minds in value management to ensure our product stays ahead of the market. With multiple product releases per year, DecisionLink is committed to staying ahead, meaning you and your organization will always be operating on industry-leading technology.

DecisionLink was the first Customer Value Management platform to enter the market. As the only vendor recognized by VendorNeutral in the CVM category, we recognized early that value must be communicated across the entire customer journey – from a prospect’s first interaction on a website, through the sales cycle, into the renewal, expansion and beyond. As a DecisionLink customer, you can expect Quarterly Value Reviews to measure the value you’ve received, a practice that you can offer to your own customers to increase loyalty.

Your organization invests a lot of money in sales training and methodologies. But according to Gartner, B2B sellers forget 70% of what they learn within a week of training, and forget 87% within a month. ValueCloud is flexible enough to support whichever methodologies and sales processes you use and helps sales management enforce the right selling motions - with an added layer of value selling excellence.

Recognized by leaders in the industry.