We are familiar with terms such as Solution Selling, Value Selling, Challenger Selling, Customer Alignment, Hypothesis Selling, Critical Success Factors, Provocative Selling, Selling to VITO, the Complex Sale and more. These are different labels and descriptions at the core of what might reasonable be called “High Performance Selling”.

The selling methodologies we embrace, sales training we’ve taken and effectiveness tools we employ revolve around a set of fundamental premises, that you should:

Be knowledgeable about the business of your customers and prospects.

Have specific insights into your value for each customer and prospect.

Be able to articulate your economic value to those customers and prospects.

Differentiate yourself and your value from your competition.

Quantify and defend that value in the economic terms required for business approval.

These 5 capabilities are fundamental to every High Performance Selling system.


“In Solution Selling®, the industry’s premier high-performance sales methodology, SPI espouses many of the principles enabled by DecisionLink. We’ve scoured the marketplace for enabling technology but found solutions that could be described as glorified spreadsheets that did not solve the problem. DecisionLink ValueCloudTMis a landmark solution that eliminates the pain of this problem for the first time. We’re pleased to partner with DecisionLink offer our customers and prospects this game-changing capability as an integrated part of SPI’s solution portfolio.”

Tim Sullivan, Corporate Vice President, SPI



Sellers consistently achieve marginal results in these capabilities that are necessary to consistently achieve High Performance Selling. The shortcoming is because a critical element is missing, that is, an enterprise class application enabling and these 5 capabilities.


I built teams at CA, Siebel and HP Software to do some of this for my sales organizations. As good as those teams were, they were
encumbered by a lack of automation and could not scale. Further, they rarely helped early in sales cycles and almost never for marketing and customer care./p>

Customer Aligned Value Selling should be a core business function, not a mystery function done for a handful of key deals. Further, it should enable the entire marketing, sales and customer care organizations, including and especially the front-line customer facing teams.

So John Porter and I founded DECISIONLINK and built the enterprise application needed to solve this problem. In short, we were tired of doing this by hand, we knew it was limiting sales organizations everywhere, and so we built a machine to do it for all of us.

ValueCloudTM is an enterprise-class business application delivering the capabilities necessary for organizations to become VALUEDRIVEN ENTERPRISES. Our customers achieve the highest levels of of effectiveness in the industry, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Engage with us to explore how to make this happen for your organization.

Jim Berryhill, CEO & Founder