Why DecisionLink

The DecisionLink 4-11

4 Major Differentiators

Digital Platform

A Software enabled cloud-based solution, versus highly labor-intensive offerings from competitors.

Customer Journey

Supports E2E customer lifetime value management – from initial sales call to realization to renewal and beyond.


Easy to use, self-service access, for everyone in your enterprise, regardless of financial acumen.

SOC Compliance

First Value Management Platform to achieve SOC Compliance

Scalability, Accessibility.

Customer Lifetime Focused.

Enterprise-wide ease of use.

Customer Data Protection.

Plus 11 Important Considerations

1. People: Built for Sales by Sales
2. Fastest Time to Value
3. Innovation: Market focused
4. Centralized Value Repository
5. Value Output Production
6. Customer Value Realization
7. Solving the Value Rubric
8. Customer Aligned Workflows
9. Partner/Channel Ready
10. DecisionLink Guarantee
11. Globalization

Are you ready to get started?

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