The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

customer journey steps

As we all know, your customer is your top priority. It takes hard work to secure your customer before and after they purchase your product or service. If customers aren’t taken care of, they aren’t going to consider doing business with your competitors. Customer journey maps are a tool that helps people understand and buy into the benefit and solution of your product/service. The importance of having a strategic customer journey is to provide a superb experience for your customers to retain their business.

Onboarding will include showing off solution touchpoints that your company offers. The resources available, such as social channels, email marketing, and paid advertising, will give your company a strong competitive advantage and presence. It will show your customers what you have to offer and show you and your company insights about what customers might be looking for in terms of a solution, and why.

To begin, you want to set clear expectations for customers. What are the objectives that they want to achieve? What is the endgame for the customer and get information on what they will need throughout the journey? Identify your customers’ personas and calculate their goals. With the goals that are given, figure out what the customer actually wants AND needs. They are your main priority during this process. Ask customers several questions that will help align a journey for them. Learn as much about the customer as possible. 

Measure and enhance the customer experience. Each customer experience will be different. Gain feedback throughout the process, ask your customers what could be done better, and explore what feedback can be given to customers. It is beneficial to both customers and the company. 

Throughout the customer journey map there will be ups and downs trying to navigate what works best for the customer. The goals presented may or may not be achievable. That is why it’s important to have a map. Give customers a reason to come back.  A map will allow them to understand what key points are important to achieve their business goals and resolve any pain points to achieve said goals along the way.

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