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Why Social Selling is the “New Norm”

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There are numerous ways to make a sale. With the aftermath of COVID-19, there has to be a different approach when it comes to making sales. Even with the evolution of technology and social media. The sales industry is constantly changing, starting with the way sales representatives approach their sales pitch or make cold calls, and even how representatives can connect with a customer has changed. This sales approach makes it easier for sales representatives to keep in contact with their customers. It is also easy for customers to refer to a company when social selling is done. 

Social selling is a recently developed sales approach. The main goal is to engage a potential customer through social media and social networking. Networking is something that has and still is crucial to being successful in the sales industry. Before technology, face-to-face networking was just something that all sales representatives practiced, as well as building connections and relationships. Social networking has become the new normal for communication. People use social networking for everything from personal use to professional usage. There are several benefits of social networking. Sales representatives can connect with customers with a click of a button. Social selling is designed to connect with customers faster, and eventually eliminate the need for cold calling. 

In today’s world, people are constantly connecting with others through the use of social media. Companies have to make their social media accounts appealing and engaging. Monitoring the traffic and engagement on social media platforms is important when conducting social selling. You want to make sure the right people are within your reach. If they are not in reach, how can you get them to engage with your social media account? When approaching social selling, you want everything that is important front and center. Customers want to see what the company offers and how they can benefit from it. When dealing with social selling, companies must have a solid social media department. Social accounts, company accounts, and employee accounts need to be updated at all times to show customers that effective communication is indeed a priority at all times.

Employees can gain individually from social selling. It gives them an opportunity to build their personal brand while doing their job and making connections. This allows employees to grow within the company and professionally, and employees are also contributing to the growth of the company by showing customers they have the ability to adapt to the “social world”, so to speak. When practicing social selling, sales representatives can keep the process about the customer. Because the communication would be done through social media, the amount of information provided by the sales representative needs to be informative but simple. 

Social selling can be effective when all of the parts come together. A great social media page, engaging sales representatives, and company value social selling could benefit a company tremendously. It is a great and fast way to communicate with customers and potentially close a deal.