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Generation Z is the Next Up-and-Coming Workforce – How to “Talk Their Talk” to Make the Deal

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Adapting to ever-changing trends and habits is something that companies should be used to by now to successfully flourish in business. In the world of selling, things are constantly changing. Generation Z (loosely, born between 1996-2010, depending on the source) is the current “young adult” generation, and they are a key factor in encouraging companies to increase their marketing awareness, particularly with the use of social selling.  They appreciate the use of social communication and selling through the use of social media. The main focus of Generation Z is getting feedback from their colleagues, getting to know customers instead of just selling the product, and implementing influencer marketing. Understanding the general thought-process of this generation heavily revolves around social media and knowing how to engage customers through social selling. The importance of building online relationships is a major element of understanding how to sell through social selling. 

Generation Z relies on feedback from their colleagues about products from different companies. They would rather receive feedback from someone they know instead of hearing the voice of the company. This is why making connections is important because it can potentially make or break your next sale. Building social relationships all starts with the company’s social media presence. Connecting with customers through social media will highly increase your chance of social selling. Social selling is soon going to be absolutely necessary in the world of B2B.

They do not want companies to just sell their products. Generation Z wants companies to understand the value of building relationships with their customers. They want the focus to be on building relationships first, “just” making a sale last. Social selling has a greater success rate when a relationship is already established. Generation Z understands the importance of relationships because of its benefits. This most valuable benefit is securing a customer through the established relationship. It also can introduce you to new social groups and networks. With those resources they allow you to make connections. Lastly, building a sense of trust between customers is important. When the trust is established the relationship will build and last forever. Understanding the value of relationships with customers will get sales representatives to close deals faster. The customer knows the sales representative really cares about what they need to meet the goals they’re trying to achieve. 

Social brand awareness and promotion is a significant tool of human connection, and companies need to understand how to sufficiently showcase their brand and their products and services to their target market. The showcasing of your company’s platform is important because the platform is how the company will attract customers and increase engagement. Having a plan to execute your social media pages will increase customer engagement and gain potential sales, as well as increase networking between customers. Generation Z knows the importance of marketing and connection and they also know that everyone is not aware of how to attract engaging customers. 

Selling to Generation Z is beneficial by using social media to sell your company’s message as a channel to connect with your prospects and customers.  By understanding how Generation Z thinks, acts, reacts, and functions, salespeople will be ahead of the game to connect with – literally – the next generation of reps, managers, leaders, execs, and ultimately and hopefully, new and repeat customers.