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The Powerful Women of DecisionLink

Powerful women of DecisionLink

As our world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the amazing and talented women of DecisionLink.  

Who you do business with matters – and these women are customer value management leaders with a passion and enthusiasm for helping enterprise companies lead the value selling transformation as companies move from product-oriented to solutions-oriented business models.

Meet ten DecisionLink team members who innovate, lead and empower our customers and our company every day. 

“Early in my selling career, one of my female mentors from IBM said to me ‘Joanne, put the customer first, and everything else will follow.’  I took this advice to heart, so much so that I studied my customer to the point of sitting in their branches and understanding how value was delivered to their end clients. I read their annual reports to understand how value was created overall for their investors.  As a result, I had an amazing 20-year sales career and then another 10+ year marketing career. I was so successful, that HP recognized my value-based approach and asked me to build out their HP Sales University. My mentor/friend gave me the best advice ever and it’s advice I pass on to all females today on International Women’s Day – learn what your customers value, and learn to speak the language of business and finance, and you will achieve every goal you set your sights on.”
-Joanne Moretti, CEO of JCurve Digital, Board Member, Investor & Interim CMO DecisionLink

“After having led a Business Value team for 4 years, I have an incredible appreciation for what DecisionLink enables our customers to do. Being a Value Consultant is a tough job and there are never enough hours in the day to effectively quantify value for every account. The leadership team at DecisionLink has trusted and empowered me to lead our demand generation efforts and I’m excited to be in a position to be able to expose the market to the tangible, significant impact that our solutions can have on an organization.”
-Lizzie O’Rourke, Director of Marketing

“As a former customer, I have experienced first-hand the power of ValueCloud® and the impact Value Selling can have on sales organizations. Now, in my role at DecisionLink, I get to engage with prospects and customers each day to help them to realize those same results.”
-Kristina Cutter, Senior Director of Customer Enablement

“Working with bright and fully engaged employees who love what they do is truly a force that drives business outcomes. Most of us play multiple roles in our lives, but we embrace it, are motivated to perform and committed to doing quality work. I believe and live by what Zig Ziglar said was required to become truly successful in life. He said, “You can have anything in life if you first help others get what they want.” The members of our management team lead with compassion and integrity—  committed to helping us reach our goals and maximize our ability to have an amazing career — but also create a culture that supports the values, principles, and relationships that matter most. At DecisionLink, employees can focus and execute on the company’s goals and still succeed as mothers, wives, and whatever else we aim for in our lives. Every day, I wake up feeling grateful for my team, happy to help others, and excited to make an impact on people’s lives!”
-Shirley Dunkley, Sales Development

“DecisionLink afforded the opportunity to turn my passion for document formation and presentation design into a career. For over four years, I’ve been helping our customers turn their creative ideas into template masterpieces that can be generated from the ValueCloud® and used as positioning tools for their sales teams.”
-Deanna Spinelli, Associate Value Engineer

“Most of my career so far has been as part of an inside sales team, both as an account rep and as a team manager – I’m passionate about finding solutions for customers that make their lives easier, always challenging myself and the organization to see how much more we can do. As a manager, I spent years training young sales professionals how to work with customers to build relationships and find ways to have smarter, more meaningful conversations with the customer’s goal in mind. My role as a Value Engineer allows me to utilize my previous experience in a new way, working directly with our customers to talk about their value messages and how we can develop them into a structured model within ValueCloud. I enjoy learning about our customers’ sales approach and using my analytical skills to translate that into a formulaic tool that an organization can use to have meaningful conversations with their customers. ValueCloud is an incredible tool that can add tremendous strength and depth to the sales conversation, and I’m proud to be part of the team bringing this to the world.”
-Heather Henderson, Value Engineer

“I love most that I get to come alongside a truly amazing team, to provide support and deliver solutions that enable them to work more efficiently every day.”
-Takiyah Turner, Manager of Human Resources and Finance

“I’ve spent over 25 years visually translating complex concepts across healthcare, technology and professional societies. My graphics help people better understand key messages and ensure consistent brand identities. DecisionLink helps companies better convey customer value to their prospects and customers. I’m thrilled to be leading the visual storytelling role at DecisionLink.”
-June Price, Creative Director 

“It’s all about value!  As a social media expert focused on building out organic strategies for marketing & sales, I can see that DecisionLink just gets it!  In today’s modern selling landscape, you have to stand out from the noise in the eyes of your competition. Your buyers are overwhelmed with all of the online information sent to them.  So the fastest way to be noticed by your prospects is to show your Value with numbers and metrics and proof. This whole Value approach that DecisionLink is now offering the business world is a welcomed & very needed paradigm shift.  I am happy to be part of it!”
-Tracey Fudge, Social Media Expert

“I became aware of the importance of using business value metrics to support sales and marketing initiatives early in my career.  I have communicated the business value of various types of pioneering technologies over the years. I wrote the “Business Case for Intranets’ chapter of the Intranet Resource Kit book published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill.  In the early days of Intranets, company leaders were unsure of the business value offered by the technology.  My chapter helped company leaders better understand how the new technology could help them from a business perspective.  Now, my role with DecisionLink is helping analysts, media and influencers better understand about DecisionLink’s unique customer value management technology and methodology that is enabling enterprise companies achieve amazing business results.”
-Ann Krauss, Influencer Relations Director and Marketing/PR Growth Advisor 

We invite you to take a look at the infographic and consider requesting a value assessment so you can join us on this incredible evolution of customer value management.