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Value Selling – the Only way to Close in the Digital Age

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When I was a sales rep and needed a business case built, I had two incredible go-to people: Donna Borden and John Fayer. They helped me win seven and eight-figure deals. Never will I forget the City of Montreal Unicenter deal when we were up against our favorite rivals, or later on when I moved to the U.S., working with Todd Johnson on the Washington Mutual deal against other rivals. The only problem was, other sales reps soon caught on to the power of value selling, and suddenly these incredible people were in high demand. After that, I had to wait my turn or run around to different people to get these analyses done and get the documents packaged up to make them #CFO-ready.

Today, people like Scotty Kubin, Georgeanna Westmoreland, Rachel Marini, Lindsey Maddox, and so many others get business cases on-demand, instantly, and then work with their prospects/sponsors digitally to iterate and refine these business cases. This gives their sponsors confidence, and overall buyer confidence is a beautiful thing (statistically speaking it means you won’t churn later…but that’s a blog for another day).

As a result, these reps win, win faster, win bigger, and win more often because of ValueCloud! If you’re a #CRO and you’re reps are still running around in circles trying to get help building business cases or waiting in queues, there is a way you can help them. The question is, why haven’t you?

To learn more, help yourself to this IDC report: Value Selling – the only way to Close in the Digital Age. By Gerry Murray (one of the coolest analysts who truly gets value selling!)

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