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What’s the Secret to Closing Big Deals as an Up-and-Coming Brand?

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Closing a deal is one of the most important aspects of a company, especially if the company is a startup. As a start-up company, each closed deal is extremely important. The relationships that are developed through a sale will last for a lifetime, and especially having important executives such as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) as part of the experience to close the deal is paramount to lifelong partnerships and business relationships with your customers. Specifically, CEOs have a ton of responsibilities on their shoulders. The most important influential aspect of being a CEO is being an integral part in closing a sales deal.

Being as true and genuine during the process of proposing a deal is a major factor. With DecisionLink’s products, customers are always guaranteed to see results from the use of the products that are offered. It is important that the CEO is well aware of the product and that they understand the elements, as well as any additions, benefits, difficulties, the whole gamut. The CEO should organize the expectations for sales and marketing in a way that customers will understand why they need the product, how the product is going to perform positively and efficiently for their company and their customers, and how the results are displayed and calculated for easy consumption and action going forward. Moreover, when a CEO gets involved during a sale, it shows your customer that you sincerely care about the product that you’re selling. You also care about the value of establishing a relationship between customer and client. B2B companies will see a CEO involved with closing a deal and wonder the potential outcomes from having an executive involved.

Sales leaders are consistently trying to discover different ways to keep their teams engaged with closing deals or creating new deals. Having a CEO, CTO, CRO, CMO, or CCO would be something that companies do to change the way sales are led. The important part of including executives, especially CEOs, is being able to show the prospect the value of having all hands on deck during a sale. CEOs can drive the sale to the next level just by showing the difference between their company and a competitor in the same space, and why “said” competitor isn’t even an option to consider based on the aforementioned reasons: measurable results, constant and consistent product advancement, and having an overall great customer-client lifelong relationship.

Involving CEOs and other executives to assist in closing significant deals is a game-changer that will forever put a great impression on future companies. The backbone of companies is their executive board, and it’s important to have them involved in every possible way. Having them involved is key to building lifelong relationships, gaining exposure, and the opportunity for the company and the brand and its products/services to grow exponentially in the months and years to come.