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Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

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In addition to our upcoming webinar, “#ChoosetoChallenge with Value: How Leading Women Leverage Value to Win,” we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by hearing from the amazing and inspiring women of DecisionLink. 

Not only will we check in on some of the powerful women leaders we heard from last year, but we’ll also hear from some of our talented and enthusiastic new employees, who share why they’ve decided to join DecisionLink and what they’re looking forward to! Let’s dive in. 

Joanne Moretti, Chief Marketing Officer

“I’m so excited to be hosting our upcoming webinar featuring incredible business leaders and women who choose to challenge. I’m especially excited because these women in marketing and customer success choose to challenge in business terms and through value-based engagement. I’ve said for years how important it is for women to speak the language of business in order to level the playing field, and I’m so happy to see this happening and happening successfully, especially among the women I’ve mentored over the years! There is no gender when you speak in economic impact; people lean in and listen and take you or your company more seriously. So that’s why I think this webinar is a great opportunity to learn more from these successful business people and enjoy a great conversation together.”

Lizzie O’Rourke, Vice President of Marketing

“The job of a marketer has become increasingly difficult in the last few years. We are constantly expected to do more with less. A few years ago, I learned the benefit of leading with value in marketing campaigns and initiatives. I found that when we leveraged a company’s financials and quantified value in our campaigns, our likelihood to secure a meeting dramatically increased. As prospects spend more time performing their research before ever talking to a salesperson, value-based marketing messaging can help your message rise above the noise by grounding it in quantifiable value; something competitors often can’t do.”

Kristina Cutter, Senior Director of Customer Engagement

“Deciding to focus on business value throughout the entire customer journey requires organizational change as it is a shift in mindset and approach for all go-to-market functions. I love supporting my customers in their journey to choose to challenge the status quo and get the internal buy-in they need to make leading with business value part of their organization’s DNA. It has been a pleasure to work with so many strong female leaders to do this!”

Deanna Spinelli, Associate Value Engineer

“Achieving value for the dollar was always a challenge. In the “new normal,” it’s become even more challenging. However, here at DecisionLink value is what we do best! We help our customers overcome the challenge of explaining value. In my position, I have the fortunate opportunity to work with customers and their marketing teams to create visuals that sales teams use to help deliver their value in a creative fashion.“

Shirley Dunkley, Sales Development Representative

“I look forward to helping companies realize that they can improve the long-term success of their business by improving every aspect of their customer’s journey with DecisionLink’s ValueCloud®!”

Kath de Lange, Senior Director of Operations

“My life changed 3 years ago when my eldest was born – when I first understood the challenge of balancing family and career that so many women struggle with. While I’d never had a colleague be anything but supportive when I had a conflict between work and family, it became clear to me there was a difference between a colleague being supportive and an organization truly being family-centric, especially in today’s “new normal.” Understanding that difference was why I joined DecisionLink. It was clear to me from meeting the team that this was a group of people who really believed in doing the right thing by each other, and by their customers. And I wanted to be a part of that!

I choose to challenge through mentorship. In my career, I’ve had the good fortune to find people who were happy to be in my corner. Having that support framework helped me identify when and how to challenge the status quo in my life and career. And I’m privileged to be able to provide that framework for a number of strong women, in the hopes that I can pay that forward.”

Lindsay Maddox, Regional Sales Manager

“A woman I look up to in many ways is a leader at DecisionLink; I knew that the work she was doing was fun, meaningful, and fast-paced and that she was kicking butt at it. When I found out DecisionLink was hiring it was a no-brainer to me that I wanted to work here. They hire, develop and elevate all of their employees regardless of gender and take care to actively allow women to also be mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners outside of work. I am looking forward to my future here because I now know several female leaders at DecisionLink I can admire, be mentored by, and learn from every day. Regardless of their rank in their organization, they are accessible and truly want to guide, teach and mentor. I can’t wait to learn from these awesome women!”

Maria Goldsholl, Chief People Officer

I joined as a fractional Chief People Officer at DecisionLink because I was excited to help build a world-class team with a high-integrity culture. The leadership was very clear that deliberately building and investing in a diverse workforce was a key priority to their growth. As an HR leader, this is music to my ears when my values and the company’s are so well aligned.” 

Lisa McWhirter, Customer Value Director

“I am most excited about being with a company that not only talks about standing behind their product but providing the ability to prove the value that is delivered to customers. My belief is that if one of our customers is not achieving the value we say they will, then this is a company that will work with the customer to course-correct and get there!”

Jackie Liney, Customer Success Manager

“There are many reasons why I joined DecisionLink. When I heard about the product and what it was able to do for customers, I was sold. Establishing and communicating value is something I feel a lot of companies aren’t doing on the full customer journey. The ability to show my clients the value of our product along with helping them to be able to show their value to their clients year over year is key. There just really isn’t an efficient way to manually accomplish this, which is why I have such a passion for DecisionLink. In regard to the customer success role, it is my job to help each client find success and I know that by using ValueCloud® we will be able to do that. I also found a great deal of passion among the leadership team and team members. Each person has such a passion to support each other in a positive way no matter what role you are in. It was a team and company that I could not wait to be a part of and I was welcomed with open arms.

I see a lot of potential here at DecisionLink to grow professionally and personally. Each person is looking for new ways that they can help you grow and learn more. On my very first day here I started adding meetings to people’s calendars to meet them and learn what they do and they accepted right away. I believe in the product and the teams surrounding it. I am so excited for my future here and to see how I can bring my strengths to continue to help DecisionLink grow.” 

Thank you to all of the smart and powerful women of DecisionLink, and a warm welcome to those who are just getting started. 

Want to hear more from women leaders at DecisionLink? 

In our upcoming webinar, “#ChoosetoChallenge with Value: How Leading Women Leverage Value to Win,” we’ll explore the strategies and tactics business leaders can use to increase top-of-funnel engagement by 30% and ultimately create customers for life. Hosted by Joanne Moretti, DecisionLink CMO, and featuring panelists from Fictiv, Thales, ServiceNow, and DecisionLink, the webinar will also celebrate International Women’s Day by offering practical advice on how women leaders can #ChoosetoChallenge and shatter the glass ceiling in their own careers. 

P.S. – for every person who registers, we’ll be donating to a scholarship fund for women – stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, register now