The Future of Value-Based Selling – What Customers Want to Hear

customer loyalty

In today’s selling world, customers are more advanced. They know what they want from businesses and how they want their product. Customers no longer care about the different ways companies get their attention. Their only focus is to get the most value out of the product or service they buy. Customers are more intrigued with the amount of value companies put into the product versus how they sell the product. 

The B2B industry is seeing a change in the way customers are taking in the sales approach. The industry has taken a big change and customers want more than just a sales pitch – selling a product and showing off the fancy features and accessories can only take your product so far nowadays. Customers want to know what the product can do for them and what value it holds. The number one goal of value selling is to make sure you’re putting the customer’s needs first. If a customer sees that you are just trying to sell a product to close a deal, more times than not that will turn them away. Being able to explain the direct benefits and value of the product is what customers care about. 

The value of a product is more important than how you sell it. Sales pitches are great but customers don’t care about that. Building a reputation is how you start your foundation with value selling and to figure out the actual value of your product, as well as being able to answer any questions that the customer may have. When selling your product put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would you want the sales representative to say to you that would convince you to buy that product? Once you understand what a customer needs it will be easy to sell them your product. 

When selling your product you want to teach your customer rather than sell to them. Teach them what the product does, how it will benefit them, and why they need the product. Helping a customer understand why you need their product will allow the customer to see that you care for them. When customers see the level of care a sales representative has then they will start to build trust and that is how a good reputation is built. Be personal but still professional when selling to a customer. You want to know as much information that they’re willing to share in order to execute what the customer wants. 

Don’t just add value to the product that you’re selling. Add value to the overall selling experience. Make the customer want to come back again and again and again. Knowing the right ways to make a connection with customers is beneficial to completing a sale. The experience of a sale will keep customers coming back and it will ultimately benefit the business. 

Customers want to see that businesses care about the product they’re selling and not just trying to make money. Understanding the key points such as understanding the product, getting to know the customer, and knowing why they need the product will position your business for success. Don’t overwhelm your customer with a big sales approach.  They could care less about the deals that are offered. Value is what will keep a customer coming back and expand your brand and your product awareness tenfold.