The Value Digest – April 7th

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At DecisionLink we’re all about value. When we’re not building enterprise-class software solutions for Customer Value Management (CVM) like ValueCloud®, we’re busy exploring what’s going on in the world of value and sales leadership. In ‘The Value Chronicles’, published every second week, we’ll be sharing some of the news and editorial that has caught our eye.

Of course, recent news has been dominated by the tragic spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and many are working hard (at home) to create their own ‘new normal’. For those in sales, this is particularly challenging, and we have been working on material and advice to support customer facing teams in a time when face-to-face time with customers is limited.

Here are a few things we’ve seen, along with a few of our own initiatives:

In our own news:

  • Having launched our latest white paper “Customer Value Management: Why Excel Can’t Cope,” we spoke with Trent Isaacs, RVP, Solutions Consulting and Value Engineering at Verint. Trent shared some of his own experiences with spreadsheets in a blog tilted, “Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Spreadsheets for Value Selling.
  • We’re also excited to be hosting our Power Seller’s Webinar Series this week (April 10th). This week’s lunch and learn topic is Selling Value & Building Trust in the “New Normal”. Building trust is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Face to face meetings have always been the preferred manner to connect, relate and build trust. There’s just something about that personal human connection that helps build relationships. This is becoming increasingly difficult as we adjust to our “new normal” in a world of digital selling. With travel slowing down, our ability to meet face to face with customers and prospects is no longer an easy option. From a selling perspective, how do we overcome this added obstacle to building trust and selling value? Sign up and join us.
  • And if you want to find out “What Exceptional Sales Playbooks Look Like (And How You Can Build Them Too)”. You can register for this Vendor Neutral webinar on April 28th, where our CEO, Jim Berryhill will be sharing his vision along with Surf & Sales’ Scott Leese, Membrain’s George Brontén and Catalyst Sales’ Mike Simmons.

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