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Value Hero: Chris Russick - Six Business Cases Later...

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While at BDNA, Chris Russick and I worked together to win a very competitive deal at Bank of America. Chris’ technical leadership helped create, lead, and win a Proof of Value against our three primary competitors. 

We first won the Technical Evaluation, however the Economic Buyer refused to fund the entirety of the purchase. Chris and I worked endlessly to provide six individual business use cases in order to complete the purchase and receive the entirety of the funding. 

A business case not only speaks the “Language of Business” (money), it also reduces the risk of the dreaded “Do Nothing!” in a deal. 

Needless to say, because Chris was able to create these complex, individual business cases that addressed each of the buyer’s business challenges (and six of them at that!), we were able to convince the buyer that funding the full project would deliver them the most compelling ROI. Chris was a vital part through his leadership and dedication to these business cases and for that, he is my Value Hero.

Submitted by: Jim Gaster


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