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Value Hero: Sam Crossen - Winning as a Team

Sam Crossen is not only a fantastic example of a Value Hero, but his story also exemplifies one of our most recent webinar topics - Value Selling as a Team Sport

Sam was working on a deal in which he was leading the value engineering effort to create a business case for an extremely large company. With the pressure of closing a $1.4 billion, multi-year deal, there were reservations from the customer on the price tag. In fact, the customer made it clear that there would be no deal unless a value proposition was provided and proved an acceptable ROI. 

So, Sam and his team got to work on proving the ROI to the client. They found a way to make the numbers work, and Sam worked closely with the sales team to ensure they could enable their customer and close the deal. 

Value-added selling truly is a team sport, but the team doesn’t just consist of sales people; it also includes the value engineers, and everyone involved in the preparation and support of the sales reps. In our eyes, they are all Value Heroes. 

Sam’s relentless effort and expert value analysis helped the team successfully close the largest single deal ever in their company, and for that, we call him a hero.

Submitted by:  Pat Grazioli


Throughout the summer, DecisionLink is honoring the Value Heroes of organizations as a part of “Value Heroes: A Summer of Recognition.” We are sharing these stories on our blog, submitted by value heroes themselves or by the sales professionals that they have supported.

Our celebration of Value Heroes concludes after Labor Day with our “Value Heroes Summit,” a town hall, virtual forum where value and sales professionals can connect, share stories and best practices and engage with like-minded professionals.

So, share your value selling stories and join the conversation!