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IDC Report: CVM as the Foundation for Customer Relationships

New IDC Spotlight Report: Highlights Value Management as the Foundation for Outcome-Based Customer Relationships

Enterprises across industries are focused on establishing direct links between solutions and business outcomes to achieve value realization. With some sectors still in recovery mode coming off of the pandemic and others looking at rising interest rates and economic uncertainty, purchases at all levels are undergoing great scrutiny in the office of the CFO. 

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How can you best leverage the ability to communicate economic value with your customers in the complex B2B selling world? How can you ensure that your entire organization takes action on customer value management strategies?

With checkbooks tighter than ever, smart organizations have realized they aren’t just competing against their known competitors anymore, they’re competing against every project that an organization is considering. The need to articulate value realization metrics is critical. Not only to secure funding for a project, but to defend its success and ensure renewal as contract dates expire. 

In this new IDC Spotlight, you will learn why customer value management is the best way to measure the lifetime value for both sides of a commercial relationship.  In addition, you will understand how it differs from conventional ROI and value-based selling techniques, and its impacts on a business amid today's selling from home environment.   

Key elements of the report include:

  • An introduction to CVM, how it differs from CRM, and the departments who can benefit from it across the enterprise 
  • Challenges faced with traditional value-based selling strategies and how to overcome them
  • Benefits gained by implementing value management platforms, and
  • Key trends faced by B2B organizations today and why it is important to invest in CVM now 

Download  the full report to learn how CVM can help your company drive revenue and margins at lower cost and how organizations can effectively implement, scale, and deliver business outcomes in perfect step with your customers.   

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