Value Selling (5):

Value Hero: Lindsey Maddox - Proving Value is Worth Every Penny

flying superwoman

Several months ago, Lindsey was working an 80 day sales cycle for a prospect that she felt confident about. Communication was flowing and everything seemed to be aligning perfectly. She was able to go right to the CRO at her prospect with a compelling value statement, which he was immediately responsive toward. They happened to be in growth mode and a 5% ACV would be huge for him. 

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An Open Letter to CROs

An Open Letter to CROs from Joe Sexton
  • 25% higher attach rates for early sales conversations 
  • 50-80% higher close rates 
  • Increased average contract value of 25-50% or more
  • Double digit reduction in discounts 
  • 30-50% impact on deal velocity 
  • 50-70% reduction in new hire ramp-up times***

Do the above metrics sound like your current year and latest Quarter results? Or did your last Quarter end with, “We had 15 Qualified deals in the Quarter, we needed 5 to beat not only the Board plan but our internal stretch plan, but we only got 3 of them. While we had a good Quarter, we left business on the field as deals slipped or shrank...

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5 Ways to Collaborate with Your Customers and Drive Sales Success


The days of “selling to” someone is long gone. Instead, the best sales professionals ensure their customers are an active part of the process—and provide them with tools to become your internal champion in the process. Use these five steps to facilitate more proactive and effective collaboration with your prospects.

Peek at how our Customer Value Platform works, there's no better experience than having it demonstrated completely with your data set. 

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The Value Mindset: Transforming Your Organization to Adopt Value

mindset makes results

In 2016 and 2017, I joined a large global manufacturing company as a Value Coach to assist them in their value transformation in Europe. The project lasted 18 months and was a very transformational experience for the teams and for me. This is when I realized that all I knew about customer value management was not enough. I had to go deeper in concepts of change management, transformational leadership, and mindset change. I started studying Carol Dweck’s work on mindset and bought her bestselling book called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success [1]. This is not a business book, but its...

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