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Value Selling (5):

Value Hero: Mike Murphy - Championing Business Cases

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When I worked for Mike Murphy, VP of Value Practice at Zscaler, we were working together on a huge deal that Mike had painstakingly prepared a business case for. At the time, our business cases were very manual and Mike had worked many hours with his champion to understand the project’s ROI. 

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Why Sales and Customer Success Go Hand-in-Hand


SaaS business models have transformed the way the world looks at the sales process. What used to be a one-and-done, sign the deal, and ring the bell process has necessarily changed. Even for companies with tangible products like hardware, the sales relationship has thankfully evolved. Instead of a transactional perspective, today’s most successful organizations see sales as a relationship-driven process. Most importantly, it’s about forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, which has made the connection between sales and customer success even clearer.

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Value Hero: Lindsey Maddox - Proving Value is Worth Every Penny

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Several months ago, Lindsey was working an 80 day sales cycle for a prospect that she felt confident about. Communication was flowing and everything seemed to be aligning perfectly. She was able to go right to the CRO at her prospect with a compelling value statement, which he was immediately responsive toward. They happened to be in growth mode and a 5% ACV would be huge for him. 

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An Open Letter to CROs

An Open Letter to CROs from Joe Sexton
  • 25% higher attach rates for early sales conversations 
  • 50-80% higher close rates 
  • Increased average contract value of 25-50% or more
  • Double digit reduction in discounts 
  • 30-50% impact on deal velocity 
  • 50-70% reduction in new hire ramp-up times***

Do the above metrics sound like your current year and latest Quarter results? Or did your last Quarter end with, “We had 15 Qualified deals in the Quarter, we needed 5 to beat not only the Board plan but our internal stretch plan, but we only got 3 of them. While we had a good Quarter, we left business on the field as deals slipped or shrank...

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